A Tale of Adventure

Guilds Monsters and Mayhem.
Epic Starts Small.

The Great Age Of Adventure is upon us!

One year ago the sky exploded. A meteor shower descended upon world spreading shards and chunks of the Great Unknown across the entire planet. The shards (magic in nature) are found to be an impotent component that contains enhancement properties once applied to anything magic or mundane.

The magics involved with the mysterious stones have both mutated the surface indigenous creatures, turning many of them feral, as well as attracting the subterranean dwellers and monstrosities to the surface. As so the areas with concentrated of Augury Shards, as they have become commonly named, have become very dangerous and restrictions of travel to these areas have been set to avoid villagers loss. This makes Augury Shards extremely valuable, Local Kingdoms Pay very well for any amount of the shards and many guilds have formed to brave the lands in search of fame and fortune.

Your party has gathered at the small town of Utum. Some one from the Surveyor’s guild has identified a a rich deposit of Augury Shards in the caves south of the town, unfortunately he has deemed it unsafe and restricted access to anyone not part of a guild.

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